Company Principles





We are a wooden furniture manufacturing company who has strong principles towards being an eco-friendly and environment-responsible. In this rather fast moving and technology driven world, a strong sense of responsibility is needed from each and every individual towards preserving the natural resources around us, which we often tend to neglect.

We as a company we make it sure that all our procurement and production processes strictly abide by the stringent principles that we have formulated. These principles are formulated keeping in mind the need and necessity for maintaining the ecological balance. We only procure wood that are sustainable and are easily grown. We also see to that the furnitures produced by us are sturdy and are last for a really long time. This way we reduce the necessity for replacement of worn out furnitures. Even if the furnitures are worn, we make sure that they go into our recycling sector and emerge as fresh new furnitures.

We offer special discounts for recycled furnitures, thereby promoting the sale of such products and to create awareness in the minds of the people about recycling and conservation of resources. We take care that woods are purchased only from dealers who are authorized and sell only products that are certified under the FSC (Forest Stewardship council). This means that all our products are made from woods that are harvested from sustainable trees.

We not only concentrate on the wood that proves to be the major raw material for furniture manufacturing but also on the subsidiary elements that go into the production process. We ensure that the substances are toxic free and organic by all means.

And as a responsible customer, it is your duty to do proper research about the woods and its features before purchasing your favorite furniture piece.